The White House Is Trying To Sell Obamacare To Gamers

The White House Is Trying To Sell Obamacare To Gamers

The deadline for getting health insurance through Obamacare is February 15, and the White House has enlisted heavy hitters from the eSports community to encourage players to sign up.

The White House explained how this came about in a blog post today too:

"Don't know what eSports is? You should. Electronic sports — or eSports — refers to the genre of video game titles that have gained popularity as a spectator sport around the world.

Over the last decade, eSports players, commentators, tournaments, and online streaming services have gained a following that rivals many traditional sports, including more than 31 million eSports fans in the United States alone.

Today, a group of eSports industry leaders (ESL, and GEER) have collaborated to launch an effort encouraging gaming audiences to visit and sign up for an affordable health plan before the February 15 deadline."

While it's probably smart The White House didn't pick someone named Balls or Dr Peepee, I want to dream of an alternate world where some of the odder names in eSports were featured.


    Didn't he already try this?

    I guess we no longer need to pay taxes...because hey them dollars was meant to be spent on free medical care for all.

      What does this even mean?

      I think you are mad at the idea that universal access to basic medical care is a human right, but I can't tell.

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