Metal Gear Solid V Will Be Out September 1

Metal Gear Solid V Will Be Out September 1

The next big Metal Gear Solid game is coming out this September, according to an inadvertent video leak on IGN. We'll finally see MGSV: The Phantom Pain on September 1, 2015.

For some context: MGS publisher Konami had partnered up with IGN to hype up the game and promise a big announcement for tomorrow at 9am, but it looks like someone pulled the trigger on IGN's video too early, as discovered by NeoGAF poster Nibel. Whoops. You can watch the video here, until they take it down.

UPDATE (12:23pm): Video's down. WHOOPS. Konami/IGN marketing plans derailed.


    yay! :D

    Last edited 04/03/15 9:46 am

    It's just too bad I missed the previous movie.....

      That's no longer really a valid criticism following Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes.

      Well I thought that was funny, even though I'm a MGS fan, so I'm balancing out your downvotes with an upvote.

    Any word on whether there will be some kind of dual release with Ground Zeroes?

    You know what, i don't know why, but i am still so pissed off David Hayter got fired.

    I loveeee these games and didn't buy the last one because of it. Didn't boycott it, just didn't make me run and get it on day one and still haven't to this day.

    So stupid he got fired for Keifer..

      I'm still hoping it's all one big Kojima prank...

      If we're being strictly technical he wasn't fired, since as a voice actor he's not permanently on call for Konami, but Keifer did a good job and this opens up the possibility that we'll get David back in as Snake to differentiate the two characters.

        I felt he was phoning it in 90% of the time, which was quite disappointing. People can say what they want about Hayter, but at least he was passionate about the role.

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