D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Is Coming To PC

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, the Xbox One exclusive from Deadly Premonition designer Swery65, is coming to PC. The developer confirmed the port to a fan today.

D4 was a weird, weird game. It's not quite the classic Deadly Premonition was, but it's absolutely worth checking out whenever it shows up on PC. Of course, I actually preferred playing D4 with the Kinect, but scenes like this will still be amazing with a keyboard and mouse:

Ugh, I hope we're getting more episodes.


    Nice to see more people will be able to play this gem of a game #ThanksObama

    Yeah, I hope this means more episodes.

    I think it's a bit harsh to say it's not quite the classic that Deadly Premonition is, since it's not even finished. I can't imagine Deadly Premonition would have gained the cult following if it was only the first quarter of the game.

    Sales on Xbox One were pathetically low, from what I've seen, and MS ended up giving it away through Games with Gold?

    Maybe it’s just me and my hatred of Kinect, but I thought this game sucked for the time that played it (maybe an hour?).

    It’s borderline unplayable, frustrating and generally nonsensical.
    Even with a controller it’s hard to work out what to do most of the time.

    I’m surprised by the number of people who enjoy it.

    I loved D4. I've tried to get through Deadly Prem twice now, but gosh darn it the driving sections drive me batty.

    I hope this finds an audience on PC. Then maybe we can get more episodes and resume the hunt for D!

    I sincerely hope this one is actually functional on PC, unlike reports of Deadly Premonition's poor port job.

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