Shadow of Mordor ‘Game Of The Year’ Edition Coming May 5

Shadow of Mordor ‘Game Of The Year’ Edition Coming May 5

Briefly: A $US50 “Game Of The Year” edition of Shadow of Mordor is coming out May 5 — as in, next week — for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. No word on last-gen versions. If you haven’t played Mordor yet, this is a good chance to get all its post-release goodies without having to pay extra for the crappy parts of its DLC.


    • It is boring. Desolate open world filled with the same boring objectives recycled over and over again.

      Mash square, triangle to counter, repeat. Fun for half an hour before losing its appeal.

      The combat animations are the only thing great about SoM.

  • Ah yes, May: the month of the GOTY editions. Crossing fingers for Ass Creed Unity. Cancelled my pre-order for the original release due to Ubisoft being shameless mountebanks.

    • The DLC is free for AC Unity and they cancelled the season pass. If you want it, just get the regular edition

      • Nah, it’s more that I’m hoping that the pressed copy of the GOTY disc will already have the multiple patches applied to it to address glitches and performance on PS4. That’s the reason I cancelled in the first place: Ubi releasing an unpolished game and expecting people to sit around waiting for an eventual patch or try to enjoy the hot mess that was served to them.

  • No doubt the digital download will be $159.95AUD after it goes through the Microsoft USD to AUD exchange rate calculator!

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