Want To Watch A Two-Hour Analysis Of The Entire Call Of Duty Series?

Video: Critic Noah Caldwell-Gervais has assembled an exhaustive, chronological critique of every main COD game to be released on PC. I watched it this weekend, and enjoyed the heck out of it.


    I would but I feel it would be too similar to playing the second half of bravely default

    This is a fantastic watch (genuinely).... Just a bit annoyed how he didn't go into the lack of women and transgender roles though.... What's going on Kotaku?

      Jesus Christ, take a cue from Elsa and let it go. You've flogged that horse so much that you've beaten it into a fine powder...

        Right after Kotaku does Mike.... Right after Kotaku.

          lol, touché. But to be fair, social topics are a large part of gaming these days. That's just how it is. The sky is blue, water is wet, barrels in FPSs will explode, Activision will keep churning out more, bland CoDs, EA will keep pissing people off, GTA will always be 'destroying our society', everyone will buy up big in Steam sales even though they know they probably know they won't play most of what they buy, and finally, gamers are a disparate bunch, who have a voice and don't like being marginalised. These are the constants of the gaming world we live in today.

          That said, totally agree with this dude's assessment of MW3, but criticising that game is about as onerous as hunting cow.

      The conversations are worth having for many people whose perspectives actually matter, don't be a dick just because people are talking about things you don't like. It's only kotaku's misguided, simplified and borderline prejudicial handling of almost every single matter that comes across the front page that's the problem.

    Sounds like it could be a good thing to watch, so long as it validates my view that the series was better for its single-player than its insipid and prevalent multiplayer. Because it's very important to me to only view material which validates my own existing views.

    Last edited 07/04/15 6:58 pm

    just finished watching it and its bloody great.

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