Bloodborne Jerk Gets Murdered In The Most Ironic Way

Bloodborne Jerk Gets Murdered In The Most Ironic Way

Pacifism is bullshit the world of Bloodborne. Yharnam is a place where people communicate through blood and murder — and one character learns this lesson in the most hilarious way.

Those of you that have played Bloodborne have probably come across Djura, an arsehole NPC that immediately starts shooting you with a machine gun. He’s the worst. You can, however, befriend Djura if you approach him in the right way.

Rogue_Rouge manages to get to Djura without getting torn to pieces via machine gun…but they also bring a friend with them. This lowly beast then proceeds to wreck Djura as Djura speaks of the virtues of pacifism. Djura does not fight back, because he believes the beasts should not be harmed. The beasts, however, clearly don’t give a shit.

And this is why I’ll stick with my whole “murder everything” strategy in Bloodborne. Sorry, Master Willem. That’s just how things have to be.


  • Aw man. Poor Djura.

    It’s kind of brilliant that this is something you can do in the game, though. Those beasts were programmed to have an aggro range that included Djura’s rooftop… though I guess if it was entirely deliberate, they might have included some surprised dialogue from Djura…

    Either way, this was pretty cool!

  • Djura deserves all of that and more. As far as I can tell, there was no clue that he wouldn’t shoot if you didn’t harm the beasts. Indeed, the first beasts show up and attack you before you enter Djura’s attack range. It would only be by chance if you go after Paarl before going to Old Yharnam that you could get a friendly Djura, as far as I can see. As for me, I blasted him from the rooftop and cackled with laughter when I got the ‘woosh’ of blood echoes as he died 🙂

    • Yeah I had no clue either first time through, I climbed up and somehow knocked him off before he had a chance to do anything.
      Second play through I did the friendly thing, as well as all the other things I missed completely.

    • I didn’t even know there was another way down when I first encountered him in Old Yharnam – I was jumping off the edge and getting infuriated at being murderfucked by a gatling gun during the recovery frames.

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