Mayweather vs Pacquiao In Punch-Out!! Is Perfect

Did you miss the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight? No need to worry Punch-Out!! has you covered. Watch this instead of the fight. It's utterly perfect.

The crazy thing about this video: it was actually posted before the fight took place. And if you were unfortunate enough — like me — to actually watch the fight? It predicts it perfectly.

But then again it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to predict that Floyd Mayweather would counter-punch his way to a unanimous decision. Absolutely brutal.

This video is hilarious, especially if you've kept track of the drama of Mayweather/Manny and how broken boxing really is at this point. It's a miracle that we actually got to see this fight in the end, tragic that it ended with such a damp squib of a contest.

But entirely predictable, as this video proves.


    The whole fight thing was weird. I love sport, so apparently I was meant to be excited for "The Fight of the Century", yet I didn't care. Maybe because I didn't know anything about it before the weekend before, and why would I care about it when I don't watch boxing any other time? Yet I walked through Manly around lunchtime yesterday and people were standing 10 deep outside the pubs straining to watch, and I later found that the main event hadn't even started yet.

    In short: weird. Video's pretty neat though.

      Boxing is a weird anachronism. Sort of realised this just before the event. The way it was being called, the pageantry of it. It's weird and from another time.

        ... and yet with all the shiny trimmings that I dislike about modern sport. An anachronism with tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars going to both participants.

          Trust me, this is boxing's last hurrah.

            That's been said for a long time now, over twenty years people have been calling boxing out as dying. It's existed for over 300 years at a competition level officially, it'll keep going long after this mundane fight.

            While I think we're going to see less and less payouts like this one, which was mindblowingly dumb, I don't think it's its last hurrah. I think it's going to usher in an age of refinement for the sport. I participate in Martial arts tournaments, full contact sometimes and love it. So do the other competitors, I understand others dont 'get' why, but it's one of those things where if you don't have the passion for it, you're hard pressed to really get into it as much, if that makes sense. Kind of like gaming in an odd way.

            But I digress, if anything this will cause people to question 'WHY are we paying these idiots this much money when the amateur fights are quite often more interesting and quite often are better fighters?' If that happens and they stop these utterly stupid and ridiculous paydays these guys get, so much the better for the sport.

              But I digress, if anything this will cause people to question 'WHY are we paying these idiots this much money when the amateur fights are quite often more interesting and quite often are better fighters?'

              because fights are this aren't about boxing. It's all a money-making theatre performance. It's just a bunch of bells and whistles that allow large amounts of money to get laundered through Vegas without raising needless suspicion.

                because fights are this aren't about boxing. It's all a money-making theatre performance.So it's basically wrestling?
                Edit: Ha, then saw your comment below :P

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                  with this fight? Yeah definitely. The contract conditions were set up in such a way that there was no way Mayweather wasn't going to win.

                  Indeed @_dansargent

                  Pacquaio didn't exactly walk away empty handed though... seems from the 60-40 split they agreed on, Mayweather got 120 mil and Pacquaio got 80 million?

                  Hell I'd take a dive for 80 mil lol.

            this is something that's been said a number of times though. It's possibly true because there just aren't the big names and personalities that there used to be. I think this is mainly because, aside from MMA taking away that element of "big personalities", boxing is largely enjoyable to watch (assuming of course that you enjoy boxing to begin with) at nearly all levels. Give me an amateur boxing night any day of the week over the farcical performance yesterday.

            However, this is America, so I'm sure it won't take them long to manufacture another puppet that they'll make jump through hoops for another fight like this (ie, rigged). I mean, Mayweather was always going to win this. Boxing at this level, with all it's pomp and ceremony is more fake than the WWE.

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              At least the WWE dont hide the fact they are fake. The wrestlers are putting on a show. A spectacle. Like the circus or an action movie.

              Pro boxing, especially yesterday, is fake but trying to pass itself off as real.
              The fight was so blatantly fake and pre-determined. It was a multi-billion dollar advertising/gambling revenue spinner.
              The whole thing was a sham.

            I watched the fight mainly because one of my in-laws is Filipino. Leading up to the fight I was thinking why did I stop watching boxing? These guys are so excited. Maybe its not as bad as I remember. etc. etc.
            Thankfully the "fight" reminded me why I stopped watching.

            I know boxing fans will talk of strategy and sticking to the plan, but the plan these days is boring. Walk around the ring, Jab, Jab, 1 second flurry, hold to shut it down, wait for ref to separate fighters... rinse and repeat. Not saying Boxing is "down for the count". It will continue as there are many boxing fans that will continue to follow it. I do think they have lost a lot of casual and even potential fans with yesterdays fight.
            Just like 20/20 in cricket. People want a spectacle not a strategy. Casual fans want the excitement of a slug fest and a knockout which just doesn't seem to happen with the big fights in Boxing . The Brawlers are moving to MMA and so are the casual fans IMO.

              if you don't have much of an exposure to boxing, and that fight was the first fight you'd watched in a while, then eugh, that's just the worst example. That fight was like watching paint dry.

        What I don't get is why people seem surprised it was a damp squib. Isn't that what happens with every "Fight of the [arbitrary length of time]", shitloads of build up then it's crap and everyone complains how crap it was as if it doesn't happen every time.

        Kind of reminds me of game marketing, This is the next big revolutionary step in gaming!!! usually turns out to be a minor increase in graphical quality, the game adds a dog that you only see for 2 levels or something equally lame.

          Yeah, that's the job of the marketing department. Overhype everything beyond the point where it could possibly meet expectations. Doesn't matter if it's boxing, gaming, movies or yearly smartphone updates.

    totally unrealistic video - Mayweather still isn't running away fast enough

    Anyone who's been involved in contact fighting will know how tiring even 2 minutes of punching and defending can be. I don't think it 'looks' all that exciting on TV, but the athleticism displayed is grade A. I enjoyed the fight; and even though I thought Pac had some great offence, Mayweather's defense and stamina didn't really falter. Personally I enjoy this type of televised fighting a lot more than watching men grapple on the ground, purely because (despite the undisputable talent required) it just isn't very elegant to look at.
    I hope we get more interesting fights like this because the showmanship and prefight politics is no more engineered than what people pay to see in WWE.
    End of incoherent thoughts.

    Why would anyone aggrandise a known felon, a guy who beats his wife up in front of his kid and any number of other atrocious acts? Its kind of like making hero's out of drug smugglers :s

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