Meet Orgrim Doomhammer, Star Of Next Year's Warcraft Movie

The Warcraft movie is coming in 2015 and it's going to have disgusting, photo-realistic orcs. Just like this guy here. Here's hoping they bring back smellovision!

The Warcraft movie appears to be coming together nicely. Wired got a first look at the digital movie star, voiced by actor Robert Kazinsky and rendered by Industrial Light and Magic. What do you think? I'm not used to orcs having so much body hair, but I dig it.


    > The Warcraft movie is coming in 2015

    Is it now? Last I heard it was June next year.

      I think they had one person write the title and another write the article because there seems to be some slight communication loss here..

      from the Wired article linked:

      "Warcraft hits theaters June 10, 2016."

    I wonder if they ever sit around board and try and pick their nose with their teeth.

    Normally I give Blizzard crap for making everything about the Horde because their Orcs are lame, but in this case it might actually make the World of Warcraft movie stand out as something different and new.

    Looks pretty damn good to me!

    Certainly better than the derpy look from the WoD cinematic.

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