Where Pro Street Fighter Players Look

Where Pro Street Fighter Players Look

Sako is one of the best Street Fighter players in Japan — and the world. This video tracks his eye movement, offering a fascinating insight into how he plays.

As pointed out by Event Hubs, Japanese website 4Gamer used the Sentry Eye Tracker to follow Sako’s vision during this Ultra Street Fighter IV match.

Notice how Sako, playing as Elena, keeps his eyes focused on the spacing between the characters, without glancing to the gauges up top. Also, notice how he wins.


  • I’ve often thought that if the Playstation Eye/Kinect could do eye tracking, it could be fed back into the AI somehow, and the computer controlled events/players etc. could react to where you are looking, could get a sneaky shot in when you look away etc.

    • AI is already cheap enough when it’s reading your button inputs and reacting to them with inhuman speed.

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