According To Harmonix, Music Looks Like Being On Lots Of Drugs

VR Music Visualizers Are Like Tripping Without Drugs

Music visualisers have been around for years, decades even. Now Harmonix is trying to reinvent it for a virtual reality age.

As you might expect the end result, like all music visualisers, is a drug-induced, hallucinogenic dreamscape. Sure, why not.

It's called Harmonix Music VR. It takes any song you listen to, and uses it to create a weird, visual journey that sort of resonates with all aspects of the song using Project Morpheus. Oh God.

I'm gonna fire it up, play some Captain Beefheart and presumably die a warrior's death.

According to project lead Jon Carter:

The resulting experiences range from subtly magical to outright psychedelic, depending on the world you select. Sometimes fireflies show up to compliment a relaxing melody, and sometimes stars descend to engulf you in synesthetic spirals of color. It’s definitely weird.

Well, count me in.

You can read more about it here


    So does that mean when you listen to metal, this visualiser creates a visualised hell

    Thought GIF was no mans sky gameplay footage.

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