Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Coming This Christmas

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Coming This Christmas

Briefly: One of gaming’s most emotional journeys from the last few years, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 during the Christmas holiday season It’s also hitting iOS and Android, although one suspects it will lose emotional oomph without analogue sticks.


  • Great game…

    Don’t know if I want to play it again though.
    It may lose something the second time around.

    • Yeah, it won’t be as great if you know what’s coming.

      To others: I thoroughly recommend playing it if you haven’t had the chance yet. It’s pretty short, but fantastic.

  • Without the dual analogue controls and (from memory) the rumble features I can’t imagine it would be anything like the same experience. It will probably only cost $2.99 on mobile though…

  • Nothing gets those emotions flowing like a couple of analogue sticks. Just ask David Cage.

  • I’m gonna chime in here as well and recommend the sh*t out of this game.

    It is rather short however very engaging and heartfelt.

    The controls can be tricky at first but don’t expect a challenge.

    $3.49 on Steam back when our dollar was much stronger.


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