Damn, Taxis In Japan Are So Organised

Damn, Taxis in Japan Are So Organised

Even when you live in Japan, it's easy to forget how so many things are just so. Taxis are no exception.

In this video uploaded by PearlOscarful, you can see how cabs line up orderly at a train station and pick up fares.

When the taxis all shift forward in unison, it's like when you clear a row in Tetris or something.


    Ah, Japan. Everything's just better in Japan.

      Apart from their nuclear reactors...

        To be honest I think their nuclear reactors are better as well...I'm not sure how many reactors around the world are actually rated for 7.0 earthquakes and tsunamis (granted they got hit by a bigger one than they predicted...)

          No, it was a crap old reactor. The earthquake didn't help, but the reactor itself wasn't much better than the one at Chernobyl it turns out.

      Especially their censorship; Corporate Cults of Personality; "non-mandatory" wink wink 16 hour work days; ludicrously overcrowded subway system; infrastructure that cannot support its people; drink beer or get fired; relentlessly strict societal rules.

      Yeah, everything's just better

        Ha ha, yeah... When your experience is limited to the snow, the nightlife, Disneyland, and trains running to a timetable I'll admit your perspective is skewed a bit.

    maybe so, but you practically have to take a mortgage out on your house to afford to ride in one for any decent distance

    If I was better off I'd probably go live in Japan, a simple-basic level of respect for each other in a society can go a long way.

      You've obviously never been to Japan. One of the most intolerant societies on earth.

    *Everything In Japan Is So Organised


    one of the most amazing things I noticed when I went late last year was how organised everything is... then I came back home where everyone has much more of a "i'll do what i want, when i want, where i want" attitude...

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