Maybe The New Smash Bros Stage Wasn’t Such A Great Idea

Maybe The New Smash Bros Stage Wasn’t Such A Great Idea

This weekend, Smash Bros. got a free Miiverse stage that imports posts created by players. You probably see where this is going, don’t you?

Since the release of the new stage, I’ve seen nothing but ridiculous screenshots showing horrible or hilarious pictures that the new stage has picked up. Scrumplet has a montage of some of the posts they have encountered while playing, and it’s basically a whole lotta bad memes and dicks. Welp. There is the occasional great one in there! But yeah. Overall, I’m hearing lots of reports of terrible Miiverse posts.

Then again, Splatoon’s Miiverse makes pretty much everything look bad now.


  • Yeah, Pat from the Best Friends Play series says his first game in this level had “Blank from Game of Thrones dies”.

  • My favourite messages that I had the pleasure of seeing on the Miiverse stage include, but are not limited to, “Lucas is the new Fonz”, “The Reset Bomb was an inside job”, “The Lord of Light wants LeBron James to win” and, my personal favourite, which is directed towards Zero Suit Samus: “Life’s better in a suit TBH”.

  • I lost it at “Personally, I prefer your ass!” How did Nintendo come to the conclusion that this was a good idea? I mean, in the PG sense. I love this Memeverse stage.

    • Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB. That, and it appears this stage prevents the posting of snapshots of it onto Miiverse, which may prevent the mass viewing of the more blunt euphemism posts.

      Honestly though, I think Nintendo has to just resign itself that Memeverse is both a harmonious blessing of art and comedy, as well as a curse. The Splatoon miiverse is example of that.

      • Ah, of course. Well, I still wouldn’t have it any other way – except for maybe all of those expanded dongs, ifyouknowwhatimean.

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