New Fire Emblem Has Private Castles, Sexy Bathhouses

New Fire Emblem Has Private Castles, Sexy Bathhouses

There was a new trailer for Fire Emblem if this morning, and it went for nearly ten minutes. One cool thing it showed was that players have their own castle now that they can expand, explore and hang out in between missions. Another was that inside that castle is a bathhouse.

If you've played enough JRPGs, you'll be familiar with the context: water, steam, towels and character portraits looking blushed.

This is cool! Tactics are all well and good, but the real appeal of Fire Emblem games is getting to know all your characters. Building them a pub then stripping off alongside them is sure to inspire a lot more camaraderie than Awakening's awkward barracks exchanges.


    Inb4 game is actually released and Kotaku articles complaining about semi-nude women in bathhouses abound.

    Looks like fire emblem is trying to compete with persona as the ultimate waifu/husbando simulator, right down to the ho yay between the characters

    So in lieu of Konami releasing a new Suikoden, the FE Devs are just adding all the mechanics from Suikoden 1 into the new FE game?

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