Tanya Pops Into Mortal Kombat X Tomorrow

Tanya Pops Into Mortal Kombat X Tomorrow

Kombat Pass owners can start making their way through the competition as the evil Edenian when the Tanya Bundle goes live tomorrow.

Tanya's been through a lot since her debut in Mortal Kombat 4 as a yellow and mask-less female ninja, and judging by the official gameplay trailer she'll be going through a lot more. At least she's learned to accessorise. Not many people can pull off an intestine scarf, but she just shrugs it off as if it were nothing.

Season pass owners will get their hands on the Tanya Pack, which includes the character and a set of "klassic" skins, on June 2. Everyone else can purchase the pack on June 9 for $US7.99, or just our beloved Tanya for $US4.99.


    Thanks for spoiling the fatality before been able to try it out for myself...

    really? you should have seen that coming.. every MK release trailer has shown the same stuff - keep up please

      I think he's referring to the gif.
      I actually came here to find out what skins were in the costume pack, and had no intention of watching the video.

        Yes i was refering to the spoiler from the gif. Thanks for clarifying.

        ah true.. I also meant that every trailer covered by kotaku has shown the same stuff.. spoilers and all

    Can't wait for the 15gb patch required just to add a single character and a couple of skins.

    I don't know why they have included Tremor as a fighter? He appeared in Special Ops and that is all, he didn't even appear in the MKX storyline as far as I remember, atleast Tanya did

    She is a lot of fun to use. She's got a lot of versatility...
    Been really happy with the dlc characters so far... Jason was captured perfectly. Loved the small subtle Friday the 13th nuances. Really looking forward the the next 2 characters.

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