Which Heroes Of The Storm Map Is Your Favourite?

Which Heroes Of The Storm Map Is Your Favourite?

One big thing that sets Heroes of the Storm apart from the rest of the MOBA pack is the fact that Blizzard's new game has seven different maps on which players do battle as opposed to just one. Not all maps are created equally, however.

Which do you prefer: gathering skulls to avoid getting rekt by an overpowered golem in the haunted mines, or fighting bitterly over magical purple tributes in cursed hollow? Or maybe you prefer killing plant monsters in garden terror? My fellow HOTS-playing MOBA fiends and I have been arguing back and forth about the strengths of weakness of Blizzard's assortment of maps since the game was still in closed beta. Let us know what you think by taking this poll.

Make sure to explain your decision in the comments below. I'm particularly interested in hearing how and why you think the objectives in a particular map help make Heroes gameplay particularly fun. And if you have some extra time, please feel free to let us why what your least favourite map is as well.


    Best: Dragon Knight - The emphasis early games on capturing the shrines leads to great smaller battles in each lane.

    Worst: The haunted mines - It's very steamroller and getting early kills is almost worse because the other team comes right back into the mines with full health / mana and can then capture more skulls. Seems counter intuitive.

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    I hate, garden of terror map, it seems to be the only one I get in the rotation.

    Out of the 30 or so games I've only played, I've only managed to play on the pirate on and raven one , once each. 80% of my games are Garden of Terror or Spider's Liar.

    I can't remember the name (Sky Temple?) but the outdoors Egyptian-themed map is probably my favourite, it looks awesome and fighting the mini-bosses for the towers can be alright.

    Only maps I don't really enjoy as much would be Garden of Terror and maybe Cursed Hollow but even then, I don't play enough to mind that much. They all seem fun enough to me.

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      As someone who's played lots Cursed Hollow is awesome!! The fights over the tribute are crazy.
      Garden terror is more annoying however, since the games seem to go for much longer because each team has their own terror to fight for and control.

    I'm so useless at this game, I end up spending full minutes in the box and don't really get to enjoy any of the maps... :-/

    I love Cursed Hollow, some of the battles for the tribute are great. I really dislike the dragon shrines one, with a bad team that is just infuriating. The pirate one is pretty fun too.

    In order

    Sky Temple
    Garden Terror
    Cursed Hollow
    Pirate one (cant remember the name)

    I have had the spider one once, so cant really comment. Looking forward to the new Diablo one

    None. Because they all entail getting an objective and I seem to get on every team that seems to ignore it while the opposition grabs it every time.... Meanwhile the support player is off soloing the top lane.

      support is soloing top lane so you still get xp from it, not his fault no one else went there.

        Well that depends. Is it before level 10 as that's fine? After level 10 nobody has any excuse not to lane jump and move around. After level 20 if you aren't moving with the group exclusively and playing only objectives or performing a 5 man push then you're doing it very very wrong.

        You can spot the new players a mile away. They stick to a single lane and never budge out of it for the entire game. The new player douches will also abuse you for asking them to help out in team fights. Thankfully you do get the odd player who apologies due to being new and then sticks to you like glue after.

        As for the original topic I hate Haunted Mines. Too much composition and character dependency. Fuck help you if you have any but a pro level Abathur on your team for this map as it makes the mines harder. Other team gets Sylvanas? Kiss goodbye to one of your first tier forts within 3 minutes of the game starting.

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          yeah very true its dependent on when in the match its happening, I have found too many games where I have played a support character and the rest of the team has left a lane empty, just annoys me more than anything, plus half the people wont even talk in chat when I ask one of them to lane with me.

    I just hope we get a Starcraft themed map...

    "We require more minerals!"

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