Am I Crazy, Or Does Activision's The Peanuts Movie Tie-in Game Look Pretty Good?

Video: Am I crazy, or does Activision's The Peanuts Movie tie-in game look pretty good? Snoopy's Grand Adventure, due out late 2015 on Xbox One, 360, PS4, Wii U and 3DS, sees Charlie Brown's pup platforming through the worlds of his imagination and taking flight against the Red Baron. It's even got Woodstock co-op!


    Reminds me of Little Big Planet.

      Same here. In fact, it reminded me so much of Little Big Planet that I had another look to make sure it wasn't a piece of LBP DLC.

    O....m.....g, the art style is so unique, a must buy for fans who like art

    Movie tie-in means it is an easy decision not to buy a game.

    Thanks Marketers!

    Who am I kidding? Even if it's complete and utter shit, my wife is such a Peanuts tragic that she'll divorce me if I don't buy it.

    *waves money half heartedly*

      is it wrong that i read that as *waves half of my money goodbye* lol

    Maybe it's because I'm an older gamer that remembers the great platform scrollers of yore, but it looks great to me.

    It looks like something you'd find on the SNES. Not graphically, but in gameplay. I like the look of it, to say the least.

    It makes me miss that Peanuts Flying Ace on Xbox 360. That was a really good game.

    Let's be honest though. It will probably be more enjoyable then the movie. As much as I want it to be good, as I love my Peanuts more than the next man, Blue Sky Studios hasn't made a good film since the first Ice Age movie (and no, I didn't enjoy Rio).

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