Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualised

Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized

Characters die and come back to life all the time in Dragon Ball. It's a pretty bloody series overall and it can be hard to keep track of everything after hundreds of episodes. The pictures of Spanish artist Alberto Cubatas help in that. He visualised all the kills of main characters.

Well, Vegeta and Trunks killed almost everything in Dragon Ball Z, as you can see, and Goku did the same thing in the original series. But not everyone's as efficient as the Saiyans...

Check out the artist's DeviantART page for more, including Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized
Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized
Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized
Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized
Dragon Ball Kill Counts, Visualized


    It's pretty depressing to see Gohan in Goku's poster...

    I forgot that Goku killed his step-grandfather .

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "all the kills of Yamcha" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Seems like it needs more Red Ribbon soldiers for Goku, didn't he wipe out the entire army?
    And is that the Rabbit guy on there? (Edit: Monster Carrot :P) Didn't Roshi kill him - he blew up the moon with them on it lol

    Last edited 11/07/15 2:11 pm

      I only just started watching Dragon Ball, up to mussel tower, but doesn't Piccolo blow up the moon again in DBZ. Do they have more then one?

        There was a throw-away line somewhere near the end of Dragon Ball about Kami removing Goku's tail because he was bringing back the moon.
        Always seemed strange to me though that Goku still didn't see the connection between tail+moon after that (until DBZ).

    @jaded_buddha You would literally have just pieces of exploding flesh everywhere and piles of it. Body count would be through the roof. There are so many nameless punks that get done in by him. haha

    Last edited 17/08/15 10:39 am

    What about Frieza for Goku?

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