EVO 2015 Winner Triumphs Despite Broken Stick

EVO 2015 Winner Triumphs Despite Broken Stick

Momochi is your 2015 Street Fighter IV champ at EVO, and he took out the title in some of the weirdest circumstances ever seen at the tournament.

Taking on crowd-favourite Gamerbee (who had been on a hell of a run during the day) in the Grand Final, everything was going fine until Momochi’s stick broke. Like, of all the times in a fighting game stick’s lifetime to break, it had to be in the middle of the freakin’ Grand Final at EVO? Amazing.

Despite the setback, and pause in proceedings that had to have wreaked havoc with both combatant’s state of mind, Momochi returned with a replacement stick to take out the GF and emerge as this year’s champion.

EVO 2015 Winner Triumphs Despite Broken Stick

Funnily enough, one of the prizes the finalists took home from the tournament was a gold stick. Handy for Momochi!

We’ll get some footage and gifs of the final up when they’re ready.


  • He was extremely lucky it broke in the round it did, otherwise it would have been a default win to Gamerbee. It’s fortunate that it did though because winning because of someone’s misfortune rather than skill would have taken the shine off the victory considerably.

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