LEGO Shows DC How Parallel Universe Battles Are Done

LEGO Shows DC How Parallel Universe Battles Are Done

This five second clip from the story trailer for LEGO Dimensions is more entertaining that 75 per cent of DC Comics' massive universe-clashing, office-moving Convergence event.

Going by the rest of the story trailer it's safe to say that the licensed property-spanning LEGO Dimensions will also have a cohesive story. So that's two points for the video game.

At least post-Convergence DC Comics are fun and exciting. A post LEGO Dimensions game console sounds like a pretty sad thing.


    Why is this not coming to PC, II would spend all the monies on it,

    just take a portion of all the monies and get a console. Then take the remaining monies and spend away on LEGO dimensions.

    Fingers crossed this goes beyond Time Warner licenses, and allows for already used LEGO toy franchises and TT games brands. Gimme Lego Star wars & marvel in the mix.

    Though Doctor Who, and BTTF ain't bad, Warner does also own Gremlins, Big Bang, Harry Potter, and Goonies (i think?). There's also cartoon network, so adventure time may not be out of sight?

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