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DC's Young Animals imprint is giving us some of the weirdest, most enjoyable books around lately — Doom Patrol, Cave Carson, Shade the Changing Girl, the list goes on. The latest book heading to Gerard Way's imprint is equally weird, but it's a pull back far into the wonderful mind of the legendary Jack Kirby. Forager the Bug returns!


Move over Catwoman, Injustice 2's got DC Comics' actual cat-woman to the line-up. The latest trailer for Injustice 2 showcases the fighting women of DC, featuring Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Catwoman and the animalistic Cheetah. We're going to need a bigger litter box.


DC Comics has lifted the lid on a new four-part crossover between Teen Titans, Deathstroke and Titans that will see Deathstroke once again strike out against the Teen Titans — this time in an attempt to get at the returned Wally West, who Deathstroke believes can bring his dead son Grant (the original Ravager) back to life. It's going to be called The Lazarus Contract. Get it?


Bruce Wayne has had to do a lot of questionable things in his time as the Dark Knight — that conflict and struggle is what makes Batman such a compelling character. But I have never felt more betrayed by a comic book as I was today, to discover that Bruce Wayne eats hamburgers with a knife and fork.


In January 1967, DC Comics put out Detective Comics #359, which introduced a new Batgirl to the Dark Knight mythos. Barbara Gordon wasn't the first Batgirl in the publisher's history, but she's the one that's best known to most people. She's gone on to have a long, dramatic career as a superhero over the last 50 years, as both Batgirl and meta-hacker Oracle. Time to share your top Babs sequences, folks.