Our Fave Cosplay From Fan Expo Canada

Our Fave Cosplay From Fan Expo Canada

Fan Expo Canada, which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from August 24 to the 27, always brings a fine selection of cosplay, and this year was no exception.

There was the weird, like Aku from Samurai Jack (who will definitely be my new sleep paralysis demon); the gorgeous, like a gender-bent Good Omens character that took my breath away; and the expected, but still well-done, like a few standard comic book characters.

The video and photos brought to you today were all provided by Minerablu (you can check out way more of his stuff on his Instagram page or on his YouTube channel) and Ackson L (check out his YouTube). Click through to see some fantastic anime cosplays, video game looks, and more.


Asuka, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Asuka is a badass mech pilot and one of the main characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and her jumpsuit looks like it would make you sweat bullets—but it’s undeniably gorgeous.

Aku, Samurai Jack

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

I know this is cool, but I hate this.

Storm Troopers and Kylo Ren, Star Wars

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

I’ll always stop and stare at a good Star Wars cosplay, and this version of Kylo Ren is one of them.

Poison Ivy, Batman

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

The best thing about a character like Poison Ivy is that you can really play around with her outfit, like this look above, which includes a crimson rose flower crown that’s a decidedly more wintry vibe.

Boa Hancock, One Piece

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Boa, aka the Pirate Empress, is a pirate captain you don’t wanna mess around with, and this cosplayer has that attitude down pat.

Captain America, Marvel

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

We all know how I feel about Captain America cosplay, but this dude does look a lot like Chris Evans, I’ll give him that.

Bone Armor Set, Monster Hunter

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Bella, the cosplayer behind this Monster Hunter look, clearly wanted to hold a gigantic bone sword and said, I’m gonna build a cosplay around that. This is based off the Bone Armor set from Monster Hunter Rise, and it looks great.

Lucy, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Mysterious netrunner and introvert Lucy has one of the cooler Cyberpunk: Edgerunners looks, from her asymmetrical icy bob to the cut-outs on her hips. This look is gorgeous, and executed brilliantly.


Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

I love a good classic throwback cosplay, and this ‘80s She-Ra look is great. No notes.

Aziraphale, Good Omens

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Gender-bent cosplay is always top-tier, but this Good Omens look is head and shoulders above what I’ve seen lately. This femme Aziraphale wields a glowing sword with a golden winged hilt, a beautiful pastel and gold outfit, and a soft, platinum curled wig. And of course, massive wings. She’s an angel, remember?

Iron Man, Marvel

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Yes, it’s another Iron Man cosplay. But the helmet probably makes a cool noise when it opens and closes!

Anubis, Stargate

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

In the world of Stargate, Anubis is a super-powerful System Lord who became Emperor, and this cosplay is pretty powerful-looking, eh?

Silver Wolf, Honkai Star Rail

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Silver Wolf is a brilliant hacker who considers the entire universe one big immersive sim, and the cosplayer embodying her has somehow managed to translate that to the look on her face. I would wear this outfit.

Falco, Star Fox

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Falco Lombardi (ace pilot and Italian hero) is a total legend, and this cosplay brought such a genuine smile to my face.

Cyborg, DC Comics

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Love a Cyborg look, especially because that one Cyborg eye is always so scary-looking.

Jester, Critical Role

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

Laura Bailey’s Critical Role character Jester is a tiefling cleric with a bubbly personality, and the cosplayer has nailed that energy here.

Warwick, League of Legends

Image: AcksonL, Mineralblu

When I see cosplays like this Warwick one, I always wonder: How the fuck do they pee? When dressed as a massive monster transformed by horrific experiments, I can’t imagine there’s an easily accessible fly.

What was your favorite cosplay from this year’s Fan Expo?

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