These One Piece Characters Are Too Damn Big

These One Piece Characters Are Too Damn Big

Not all the One Piece characters are tall. But the ones that are are freakin' huge.

In the image below, which has circulated online in Japan for a while and recently popped up again, we can see a handful of One Piece characters compared to a sumo wrestler, an elephant, a giraffe, and even pole vaulting.

Boa Hancock, for instance, is 191cm and Dracule Mihawk is 198cm. Both are pretty short compared to Crocodile, who clocks in at 253cm and Jinbe, who measures 301cm.

These One Piece Characters Are Too Damn Big

Even those characters are't the tallest in One Piece. Donquixote Doflamingo is 305 cm tall, Kuma is 686cm tall, and Gekko Moriah is 692cm tall.

Glad to see all these characters are able to find clothes that fit!


    why are they "Too big"?

      Agreed. Is Manga supposed to adhere to regular human standards? I love the massive size difference.

    Spoilers kinda.

    Well Moriah is kinda a zombie thing. Kuma is a cyborg, Donquioxte given his heritage is likely inbred to some degree so you know, deformities, Jinbe is for memory a whale shark fish man. Hancock and Mihawk are within hights not too uncommon today.

    Crocodile. IDK maybe he uses his sand powers to extend his height and we never see it cause he's always fully clothed.

      imagine if Jinbei was Kuma's size :D
      half of Donquioxte team is bigger then him too, although are fruit users, but i dont think that matters.
      and even Franky is 240cm tall from the straw hat pirates, yes hes mostly robot, and Brook is 277cm.
      keep en coming Eiichiro.

        I hope Jinbei joins the crew one day.

          ditto. and im hoping even Bartolemeo does too. will also be interesting to see how Law and Luffy carry on after recent events as well.

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