Activision Announces Skylanders Battlecast, A Card Battler For iOS And Android

Activision announces Skylanders Battlecast, a card battler for iOS and Android — basically mobile Skylanders with collectible cards instead of figurines, and Pokémon-style battles, either offline or online. There's a trailer above, and the game itself should be out next year.


    Reminds me of Eye of Judgement. Great game, but ahead of its time (and very hard)

    was excited for a digital CCG then remmembered its activision so its all toys to life style (real cards) and probably very expensive to play.

    I love how all these commercials have a smug chick who kick's the boy's asses :P I like that they wanna say girls are good at games, but the way they do it is so obvious and on the nose and almost says "whoa you didn't expect that, girls usually suck!".
    Also is this activision shitting in their own pool with blizzard? Or I guess there wont be an age crossover

    Come on, you could have written more then two sentences!
    OT: I'm wondering what the pricing will be on this lol

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