Drawing Breasts Isn't Easy

Drawing Breasts Isn't Easy

Properly rendering breasts for a video game is a difficult task, but then so is simply drawing them. Luckily, as this short from animator Dylan Simpson demonstrates, an easily accessible reference point is just a click away.

When I was a teenager I was really into drawing — I wanted to be a comic book artist — but my weak point was the female form. I could do hips. I could do butts. I was once complemented by a prominent comic artist on my depiction of the female underarm. But breasts? Breasts eluded me. The closest I came to perfecting them was in a class featuring a live nude female model, but even then the pastel-sketched results wound up humorously unbalanced.

So I feel for the young artist in the video below. I really do.

Sadly we had no Smoogle image search back in my day, and I doubt it would have helped. My solution was to never draw female figures again. Eventually I gave up on humans altogether and just drew robot wolves. It was the late '80s. Robot wolves were cool.

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    Breasts are an always will be subjective. None come in the exact size shape or form, they are all beautiful in their unique wonder.

      All? You should search "gilf"

        Damn it! I can't believe you got me!
        But why wear the sunglasses?

    The second you saw him going for research, you could see the ending coming. But it was funny none the less.

    This is the breast short animated film ever!

    Last edited 31/08/15 10:21 pm

    Being an experienced Boob Drawer since my teen years, This can be a difficult thing to pull off. No Pun intended.

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