How To Lose At Heroes Of The Storm In Five Seconds

"We're in the lead," my teammate said. "All we gotta do is defend," he said. He was right. The only problem was we failed the defending part.

In the clip above, you can see how my team in a recent Heroes of the Storm game went from having a slight but not insignificant lead to being totally and completely bodied in the span of, oh, maybe...five seconds?

The deciding moment begins at the twenty second mark in that clip. That's when I (I'm playing Zeratul, the grayish-blue alien that sorta looks like a ninja or other, similar type of sneaky assassin) and two of my teammates get hit with five different abilities at almost the same time. Over the course of one or two seconds, we were silenced, knocked up into the air, stunned, and damaged in any number of painful ways. We didn't have time to do anything but die. It was a "a wombo come in the truest sense of the term," as I wrote to my teammates right after it happened.

As the game wound to a swift and resolute close, I told my friend that I couldn't even be mad, losing to a play like that.


    Enemy team has a lot of AoE spells
    Ally team stacks up.
    Not profit.

    Ahhh yes... One ETC "mosh pit" decimated our "sure" win last week as well. We were all stacked up and ripe for the picking. We were leading and over confident during late game. How wrong we were. :(

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    they landed ridiculous combo, but at the same time you guys went into a 4v5, away from safety whilst they had a terror and your tank was behind your team.

    that was probably the best thing they could have done combined with the worst thing your team could have done.

    How bad do you have to be for matchmaking to put you in scrub fights like this?

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