The People Behind Red Ash Are Crowdfunding Yet Again

The People Behind Red Ash Are Crowdfunding Yet Again

After last month's disastrous game and successful anime Kickstarter campaigns, the people behind Red Ash are asking for even more of fans' money — this time to extend the anime from 12 minutes to 30. You can't make this stuff up.

This time, they're using not Kickstarter but a facsimile of the popular crowdfunding service, using the Studio 4C website to try to raise another $US127,118 from fans. That's on top of the $US162,882 they earned last month for the Red Ash anime, which will accompany a video game of the same name. Studio 4C, the anime house making this film alongside producer Keiji Inafune and his company Comcept, says the film will be out in July of 2017.

Last month, as you might remember, Inafune and Comcept fell well short of their Kickstarter goal for this Mega Man Legends successor, but in the final days they announced that they'd partnered with a Chinese company called Fuze to make the game happen anyway. Maybe they will find a different company to pump even more money into the anime too? Or maybe they will start another Kickstarter.

Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, was crowdfunded in 2013. In early August it was delayed to early 2016.


    It's great how everyone is writing these vague headlines, giving the impression this is for the already found a publisher game.

    Not feeding the flames at all.

    (BTW, I think Red Ash has been handled disgustingly & am not defending the game or animation)

    Here's the thing though this is presented as something terrible, but they're not saying 'give us more money or this won't happen' they're saying 'you gave us money, we'll give you what we promised, but if more people give us more money we can deliver more than what we promised'. I'll admit it's weird but what's so bad about seeking additional funding?

      Nothing... but it makes for excellent flame fodder since there has been a general negative campaign to paint these "stretch goals" as a money grubbing tactic by Comcept by just about every "gaming media" since the MNo.9 drama..

      And hey it's good click bait! :D

    That title is misleading, it's not the people behind Red Ash, it's the people behind the Red Ash animation.

    What I find weird about this whole thing is that their stretch goal for a 20 minute production was at $410,000, not the $290,000 total they are asking for a 30 minute production. In fact, their 32 minute stretch goal was at $750,000 which is significantly higher. Even if you ignore the suspicious drop in projected costs, it's a little strange they would be asking for more money right after their Kickstarter failed to reach the stretch goal they're now looking to complete. I hope it all turns out ok though and people get what they paid for.

      Perhaps this was one of those kickstarters where the real goal was one of the stretch goals, but they couldn't set it that high for fear of missing the goal and getting nothing.

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