Skyshine's Bedlam Has Been Released


    Was pretty damn interested in this one. Steam user comments & reviews as of last night have made me doubtful it'll be as good as I'd hoped.

    Anyone had experience with it?

      Yeah same here. Was very interested in this, but it isn't getting good reports from the players.

      Gonna keep my eye on it, see what the devs tweak etc.

    One sentence luke?, feel free for everyone to give me crap as to set up an account years back as I was annoyed with your lax attempt at journalism but I've seen you do better.

    In your career you've written 3 good articles, which I commend you for, but again one sentence?

    Dude you can do better than this, you could have told us why we are wanting this, what it is like.

    Instead of taking the easy way out and posting a link.

      They don't even bother reading the Aussie comments, I'd send a complaint in the contact area. But the bait clicks are too good for kotaku to bother.

    I liked it, trailer and the info we needed, im not gonna sit here and complain about free news.

    I backed this on kickstarter because i love the artstyle, turn based combat and the $5 price tag. Or was it $10 i forget. They listen to the community and are currently working on a patch to address the problems people have with it. Give it some time, i think Skyshine will pull through in the end.

      same here - backed it for the art and design, but haven't had a chance to play yet.
      A lot of complaints seemed to be cutting it down for not being other games, or because it's one of those hybrid concepts like Dungeons of the Endless or FTL (which tends to kill larger projects in the Kickstarter stage!). I expect when I get to play it in a few weeks time most of the core issues will likely be dealt with based on their forum feedback and dev timeline.

    I like the game a LOT!! Really surprised by the steam reviews because the game is challenging but still very fun and addicting. I like games that will last longer than 2 hours and bedlam keeps me playing for hours/days. Don't believe everything you read obviously so try for yourself :). 2 thumbs up!!!

    luke how about you just link to an article by a real journalist?

    [drops the mic]

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