Davey Wreden, Co-creator Of The Stanley Parable, Has Announced His New Game, The Beginner's Guide.

Davey Wreden, co-creator of The Stanley Parable, has announced his new name, The Beginner's Guide. While we don't know much about The Beginner's Guide yet, chances are it's pretty weird. We won't have to wait long to play it, either, as the game's website says it's launching on October 1 for PC and Mac.

There's not much to do on right now, as its website is just one non-descriptive page right now. You can see it here.


    er...do you mean 'new game'?

    He announced his new name...?

      i totally looked at the heading and was like, gotta be a typo... then looked at the link address... and then the first line in the article and was completely confused..

      I read 'game' in my head and had to double check. Well spotted.

        I spent way too long trying to figure out what these guys were talking about... thanks for pointing it out

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