Don't Forget The Dreamcast's 16th Birthday :(

Don't Forget The Dreamcast's 16th Birthday :(

Sony has spent some time recently reminding people that it was recently the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation's launch in North America, and that's cool, but let's not forget that it was also a special anniversary for another old console.

On September 9, 1999, the Sega Dreamcast was released in the USA. While it's sad that the console didn't survive to mark the occasion of its Sweet 16, we can always honour its memory by embedding videos of its boot screen, playing the various remakes of Jet Set Radio and reading sad old stories about all the ways Sega's last console got things so, so right but also so, so wrong.


    I can still hear the VMU beep from here.

    Still have my Dreamcast. Amazing console. That game library was the very definition of quality over quantity. Basically a dream console for arcade gamers.

      Plugged mine in yesterday, and...the VMU battery was dead. Weirdly, the whole controller stops working if the VMU is dead; yank it out and it works again.

        Speaking of old consoles, anyone have a working Atari console? I'm 14, but I have a thing for old games, before 2000. So, getting an Atari was amazing. I played on Dreamcasts and PS1s when I was little. Good fun, good times

        I thought it should still power up no? That's the whole reason for the long beep when you turn the console one. The VMU is basically being powered by the console/controller. Something might be wrong with yours.

        That is strange. When the VMU battery runs out on me, I get the beeeeep but I can still operate the controller.

    Look, I miss mine too. But this feels like celebrating the birthday of a long dead relative.

    Sorry gran, you'll always be remembered but I've moved on to other things now.

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      Doesn't mean that you can't celebrate it all the same. I understand progress, I really do, but older consoles deserve their place in history, and regardless of the fact that they may not be as relevant anymore, they still deserve some love. I'm not gonna drop all A Nightmare on Elm Street movies for the reboot, just because it's the most recent ;)

        Yeah I totally agree. I still play the Mega Drive and GameCube here and there. I just don't celebrate their birthdays.

          I do, haha... always have, especially my older ones. I think I need help.

    reading sad old stories about all the ways Sega’s last console got things so, so right but also so, so wrong.

    I feel like this was meant to be a link to another article?

    Never got one when I was younger (even though I begged my parents to get one). So now I have one with 4 controllers, each controller has a VMU and Rumble Pack, and I'm slowly building my game collection. I still miss you SEGA :(

    Hopefully they do somthing cool for the 20th Birthday. Not just a shitty collection of ports for the new consoles.

    I played mine yesterday. Though I play almost daily - there's too much gold on the system not to! I deleted my San Francisco Rush 2049 save yesterday and started all over again - man, I love that game.

    Also started Shadow Man again - that game still holds up. Maybe not visually, but it plays awesome. I wasn't one for Zelda as a kid, so it's only now that I realise that it's basically Ocarina of Time with voodoo, serial killers, blood and other creepy stuff :)

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      Rush 2049 was amazing. One of the few racing games I ever enjoyed.

        Yeah, it's a complete package, with something for everyone. Racing, Stunt Mode, Coin-Hunting, Battle Mode, The Gauntlet - so, so much content! Multi-player Stunt Mode is brilliant :)

    my dreamcast is DOA atm. i think the Laser needs to be re adjusted but i dont have the time :(

    After getting my PS4 this year, it is the first time I've had to remove my Dreamcast from the TV cabinet to make room.

    I'll never forget you Dreamcast.

    At least 1 or 2 new DC games come out every year. So its still alive in my eyes...... and heart

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