Miyamoto Confirms That Super Mario Bros. 3 Was A Play

Miyamoto Confirms That Super Mario Bros. 3 Was A Play

One of my favourite video game theories to emerge over the past few years is that Super Mario Bros. 3, with its hanging blocks and curtains, was actually just a stage performance. Turns out, according to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, the theory is true.

If you’re not familiar with the theory, or by some chance you haven’t seen this image, which has been floating around the web for years now, check this out:

It was always a compelling theory, but it also always seemed more like over-analysis than something Miyamoto and crew had actually had in mind when they designed Super Mario Bros. 3.

But! Today on the Nintendo UK Twitter, Miyamoto addressed a handful of Mario myths, including the question, “Was Super Mario Bros. 3 all just a performance?” His response: YES.

Also, Miyamoto is apparently Bowser Jr.’s mother. Nightmare fuel!


  • Nice to finally have this confirmed. Fun video, too.

    There’s a game called “Foul Play” that does this too, although far more overtly. You can see strings holding the sets up, enemies are clearly people in costume, and they’ll even glance around and crawl off stage after being defeated. It made me smile. It’s probably not worth its full price, but it is fun.

  • Whilst it makes sense, Miyamoto also said he is Bowser Jr’s mother in the video so i think it was all just a bit of fun.

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