Ronda Rousey Kicks Floyd Mayweather's Butt In Modded Street Fighter

Ronda Rousey, Kicking Floyd Mayweather's Butt In Modded Street Fighter

Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather may never wind up trading blows in real life. But, now we know who'd win if they were Street Fighter characters.

YouTuber Richie Branson modded the PC version of Street Fighter IV so that he could make Balrog and Cammy resemble the UFC superstar and the dude she's talked mad trash about. And, before anybody cries foul, the match where faux-Rousey wins was one where both fighters were controlled by the AI.


    I would have gone Makoto for the mod, mainly due to a similar style in martial arts... but that's just me.

    Mayweather was not grappling nearly half as much as he actually does.


    Seriously? Rousey is a prime athlete that can easily match a male mma fighter and yet they had to give her boob physics?

    Yeah i was thinking Makoto would be an ideal pick for Rousey also, but Cammy was an alright pick.

    Why would anyone complain? She'd demolish Mayweather.

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