Super Fast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Has 100% Winning Rate

Super Fast Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Has 100% Winning Rate

Rock-paper-scissors and chess first, then the entire world. This is how robots will slowly take over everything. Japanese students from the University of Tokyo built a robotic hand that's impossible to beat in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

The third version of the Janken (rock-paper-scissors) robot with 100% winning rate has been developed. In this version, we incorporated the high-speed tracking technologies "1ms Auto Pan-Tilt" and "Lumipen 2" in order to extend a field of view of the high speed vision system. The inclusion of these technologies additionally enables the system to dynamically track the human hand and recognise its shape in high speed, regardless of where it moves, as well as improves the synchronisation between the motion of the robot hand and that of the human hand. Using high-speed vision together with the high-speed actuation of the robot hand enables the robot to achieve a 100% winning rate.

Here's a detailed summary showing how it works. This is just not fair!


    It's technically cheating...

      It's cheating by any definition. The game is about trying to work out what the other person is going to do, not quickly see what they're going to play and play whatever trumps that. This robot is clearly evil.

        Most humans will cheat at anything they think they can get away with. It is only natural that our robot overlords take their first steps following our great example :-P

    If it's deciding based on the shape you've already made with your hand, doesn't that count as a loss because it was too slow?

    Yup. It's cheating.. showing the winning hand faster than the human eye can register doesn't make it intelligent, just good at high speed shape recognition.. which is great too of course.

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