The Cost Of Attending Every Big Anime Con In America

The Cost Of Attending Every Big Anime Con In America

Ever wonder how much it would cost you to attend every big anime convention in the United States in a single year? No, me neither, but the numbers are still interesting!

Constructing a hypothetical anime super-fan who lived in Chicago, Rae Votta at The Daily Dot decided to find out, and tallied all the major expenditure needed to travel across America attending the seven biggest cons for anime fans.

The total cost was $US5,447.50, but that's probably the least interesting part, since flight costs will vary wildly depending on where you're from; of more use might be the individual breakdowns of each con's accommodation and ground transport costs.

Regardless of which con it is, each one teaches you a valuable lesson: travel with friends, because this shit gets pricey if you need your own hotel room.

(top image: nerdophiles)


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