$9500 PC Looks Like A Future Killing Machine

$US6800 PC Looks Like A Future Killing Machine

Custom PC builder Deblow's amazing effort here has no need for desks. It's so big it is a desk. That's the PC itself lit up there, sitting under an enormous glass panel.

$US6800 PC Looks Like A Future Killing Machine

It is also not cheap. In total it cost him around £4500 ($AUD9500) to build, of which £350 was for the desk components and the rest for a very good gaming PC.

$US6800 PC Looks Like A Future Killing Machine


CPU - i7-5820k

MB - ASUS Sabertooth X99

RAM - 32GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 (DDR4)

GPU - ASUS R9-295x2

PSU - Cooler Master: V1200 Platinum

fans - Cooler Master: Jet flow 120's & Cooler Master Silencio FP120 PWM

HDs - Wester Digital Green 6TB & 1TB - Barracudas x2 2TB

SSDs - Samsung EVO850s 250GB

KB - CM Storm quickfire xti

Mouse - CM Storm Reaper

RADS - 2x Phobya G-Changer 360 RADs V.2

RES - 2x Phobya 450 reservoirs

CPU WB - Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light

PUMP - 2x Alphacool VPP655

GPU WB - Alphacool NexXxoS GPX

Fan Control - Phobya MaxGuide 36W

Here are three videos detailing the entire build process:


    Man, this is the last thing a gamer should have before he dies.
    A batmobile Computer lol.

      this would be the cause of death for many gamers.

      Last edited 17/10/15 12:35 am

    Is it weird I want the Metal Gear collectibles more than the pc?

    I would want the glass top to be an original Tron-style touch screen.

    Wouldn't that glass desk get rather hot?

    It'll be a very top of the line pc....for like a month.

      Well if it helps reassure you the 6700k appears to beat the 5820k in several CPU intensive games, but the 5820k still dominates in work load apps.

      The GPU is over a year old. Not to say that it's not extremely capable, it's effectively 390/390x crossfire with a bit less VRAM. This rig should play games on high/ultra until the next console cycle.

    Meh.. I still prefer this -

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