'Take Back Video Games From Smartphones,' Says Japanese Game Billboard 

Not sure these are fighting words, but this is a clever ad campaign.

In Tokyo's Shinjuku, an enormous billboard went up for Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, a visual novel for the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. There were several ads plastered about, but the above one (via 2ch), which reads "Geemu wo Sumaho kara Torimodosu" (ゲームをスマホからとりもどす) in Japanese, is the most striking.

As stated in this article's title, the ad's copy states, "Take Back Video Games from Smartphones." It's somewhat amazing that it's Utawarerumono, which started out as erotic PC game, and not another title, saying video games should be taken back from smartphone apps. But whatever. I like how ballsy the slogan is. It's good.

Then, there's also that the catchphrase is reminiscent of the "Take Back Japan" (日本を取り戻す or Nihon wo Torimodosu) that appeared on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's campaign posters. Politics aside, this certainly could be a play on that!

With the widespread popularity of mobile in Japan, though, taking back games from smartphones is easier said than done.

Top photo: 2ch


    IMHO, there's nothing wrong with video games being developed on smartphones and tablets.

      You could say that, but then you look at what happened with VHS/Betamax, HDDVD/Bluray, Vinyl/CD or even SEGA/NINTENDO. The content makers gravitate to the market-leading hardware, which often dooms the platform lagging behind. More/better content --> more hardware sales --> more/better content. I personally think it would be a shame for consoles/handhelds to die out because smartphones and tablets saturated the market. The only consolation at the moment is that mobile phones make poor dedicated gaming machines due to lack of buttons/sticks and small screen size. If they ever get that screen morphing (http://www.wired.com/2009/05/prototype-display-combines-touchscreen-morphing-buttons/) working efficiently and seamless streaming from phone to TV plus game controller, the mobile phone will become the ubiquitous gaming device. Nintendo might even be heading in that direction with the NX.

    Did you just mention eroticism without commenting on it's perceived/imagined role in western society?

    Utawarerumono was a erotic game? I watched the older anime (there's a new one now) and thought it was much more dark and bloody.

      A lot of old erotic Japanese PC games became animes. It's a bit weird honestly but whatever, I'm not one to judge.

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