Ghost In The Shell “VR Experience” Is Coming Soon

Ghost In The Shell “VR Experience” Is Coming Soon

There’s a Ghost in the Shell “VR experience” that’s being worked on. It was at the Tokyo Game Show, where Toshi checked it out, but there was no footage available for everyone watching at home. Now there is, and what’s more, it’s interactive.

The VR experience — it’s an on-rails video tour, not a game — will run for around ten minutes, taking you through a few key scenes.


See the little control pad in the top-left of the YouTube video below? Click the arrows to move around inside the trailer, giving you an idea of how it works.

While a demo was shown in a “bubble theatre” at TGS, the full Ghost in the Shell VR experience is being designed for smartphone VR goggles (and phone app stores), like Samsung’s Gear and Google Cardboard. It’s due in “early 2016”.


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