Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into A Wild Theme Park Ride

Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into A Wild Theme Park Ride

Video: If you played GTA V like this, you’d probably hurl in, like, ten minutes.

This video by small-scale engineering outfit Force Dynamics shows a GTA V session played in a seat designed to transmit motion feedback. The reactive platform turns a ride on Los Santos’ roller coaster from a boring side activity to something that’s a lot like the real thing.

It’s one thing to play Rockstar’s open-world opus with the force feedback rumbling through your hands. It’s a totally different experience to play it with all that haptics scripting throwing you around like a dog’s chew toy. Someone please make this into an arcade cabinet, m’kay?


  • That thing + a mech simulator, is going on my do-before-I-die list.

    P.S. I’d love to see someone try to consume mountain dew and doritos while on that thing.

    • “trust me i’m an engineer” a timed release cat foodymabob, and a beer hat filled with mountain dew!

    • I remember the Jam Factory used to have a two player mech game where you had a little cockpit with all the cool controls.
      Always thought something like that would be cool (And expensive) to create.

  • It looks really impressive on the rollercoaster. A bit overdone on GTAV, it’s bouncing all over the place when he drives in a straight line.

    • It’s not about the smoothness of the surface he’s driving on; it’s simulating Newton’s First Law: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

      When you accelerate in a powerful car, it feels like you’re getting thrown into the seat by the speed. But what is really happening, is you are still and the car (with the seat attached) is suddenly moving, so the seat is propelling you.

      This hydraulic rig changes the angle of the seat so you’re kind of lying on it. As a result, gravity is pushing the passenger into the seat and simulating the feeling of the seat propelling them and tricking the passenger into feeling like they are in a fast moving car.

      Get it?

      edit: It’s bounces around every time he presses one of the pedals. The seat angles backwards when he accelerates and angles forward when he breaks (throwing him into the seat belt).

    • The bouncing is because he’s accelerating. A car lurches back like that when you accelerate in reality.

      • Thanks for taking the time to explain it doublediz, you’ll be a great teacher one day. I’ve driven cars for many years. I also did physics in high school, so we’ve got that covered.

        I was just saying that from outside the chair looking on the feedback appears to be way too strong as to be overwhelming. When hes on tarmac you’d think the effect would be more subdued then offroad, but hes vibrating as well as being thrown around by acceleration.

        Maybe it feels spot on in the chair, just an observation.

        • It probably looks ‘overwhelming’ because it’s GTA, not a simulator, like Project Cars, which the chair might actually reproduce what is happening.

        • Wonder if they want it to feel like a big V8 muscle car though; I got an old yank tank and it tends to shake a bit… granted, that is meant to be a newer muscle car. Still, they can shake under sudden increase in RPM

  • ~$55,000 for that model and ~$15,000 for a smaller model.

    Anyone really rich here who feels like being my hero?

    • I don’t know why they don’t put their prices on their website. it’s like their embarrassed or something.

      • Yeah it’s really ridiculous that I couldn’t just view the prices on the website or at least have them point me to retailers that stock the products.

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