What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Getting the 1997 retrospective ready yesterday reminded me of some wonderful memories that, as it turns out, are great for rediscovering on the weekend.

I shit you not, this is an absolute true story.

My brother and I got a demo version of GTA 1 on a CD - PC Gamer UK, I think - and we played it relentlessly. It was too much fun not to.

Small problem: we were both in primary school at the time. And not like, Year 6 primary school. More the "what are small kids doing playing this game where you run over people on the sidewalk" primary school.

Anyway, the big appeal of GTA was that you could rack up a high score very quickly through the multiplier system. And we'd talk about GTA on the way to school the next morning, because we were kids and that was fun as hell.

So we started making a game out of it in the car ride. How many points would you get for plowing that person on the side of the street? What would the multiplier be?

It actually became a really bizarre, funny way to do some basic math practice before going into work. And - apologies for throwing her under the bus - but my Mum also came up with the funny idea that you'd get extra bonus if you hit a grandmother with a pram.

God she's a funny bugger, as my family used to say.

Anyway, I'm going to try and get the original GTA going again at some point this weekend. It was a bit of a pain on Windows 10, but if Blade Runner boots up then surely GTA shouldn't be impossible.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Fallout Shelter! Warframe! Minecraft on Switch! Octopath Traveller! No Man's Sky!
    S'gonna be a good weekend, but unlikely to revisit abandonware/GoG classics this weekend.

    Your Mum sounds awesome, Alex. I wanna have those kinds of conversations with my future kids.

    Just finished first run through of Detroit : Become human. Think its my GOTY thus far.
    Got the semi-good ending, Marks alive, Conner alive, Kara dead. Conner & Hank hug it out
    I'm in now on the mood for some shooting, explosions and random mayhem - Far Cry 5.

      I miss Far Cry 5. I haven't really touched it since finishing the game. Once it's done it's really done and the world just feels devoid of action without random bad guy encounters.

      I was really hoping the DLC would be good but the two which are out don't appeal to me much. Have you played either of the DLCs?

        Only just picked up the game so will be new and fresh . In saying that , I’ve played FC 1-4 so expecting more of the same-ish far cry action.

    No Man's Sky NEXT - the new update looks so good in 4K, though performance even with a 1080 Ti seems to change according to the planet? Maybe something is borked with my rig...

    Destiny 2 - finish off the NM ornaments and farming the nightfall for DFA. Warframe - finally built the last piece for Octavia last night, so will be levelling random frames while I wait for her to build. Maybe some No Man's Sky - hope I don't have to restart, as last time I did so I ended up on a frozen planet with no resources, it took me an hour to get to my ship, and 25 deaths to get off world because I couldn't find fuel for my lifesupport.

    No Mans sky.

    Enter the gungeon

    Few Mario Oddesy Levels with my son.

    Maby some overwatch

    Definitely putting time into Destiny 2, finish off some ornaments/milestones. After that, Siege.

    Still Ys 8 on Switch; where I thought I was entering the home stretch, not so much - plus I feel compelled to complete a lot of the side content, which seems to be ever expanding. Maybe it will end? One day??

    Been playing my PC of late. Might try and play some more of Bioshock: Infinite (once other tasks are done).

    Why do i keep buying games?!

    Right now I'm close to finishing hollow knight and wolfenstein 2, getting into hand of fate 2, the splatoon expansion, and OT, and i need to go back to enter the gungeon.

    Just downloaded paladins too, but i might wait for gyro aiming.

    And monster hunter and okami are in my near future...

      I can’t sleep well at night having more then 1 game in my pile of shame. One at a time ????

    Hyrule Warriors Adventure mode - now I’ve (painfully) realised it’s only the first 2 maps that are stupendously dull!

    Octopath Traveller is my other go-to, although picked up AC:Origins & Agents of Mayhem ($12!) in the Xbox sale so may give them a little play.

    There was ‘charm’ in the earlier GTAs (and appreciate charm is a strange choice of word given the games core principle) that I miss in the latest games (4 & 5) - Vice City was the last one that had it for me? Those screens in yesterday’s/today’s article have hit my nostalgia switch hard!

      I held out hope AoM would be half decent after picking it up in a similar sale last year, despite all the reviews... Finally got round to trying it a couple months ago and it was...bombastically dull. The energy was up there in the game, it just didn't translate to playing it with that much fervour.

    More Hollow Knight. Nearly finished up, just need to collect some more stuff before I go to final boss.

    Blood Bowl 2 - leveling up my Dwarf team before hopefully some online play.

    Got a hankering to go back to the original Borderlands on PS3.

    Sine Mora - this game is really hard (even on normal difficulty) - or maybe I'm just hopelessly inexperienced with bullet hell games.

    Trails in the Sky 3rd if I can get around to it.

    Time to get my mini painting game back in gear - and finish painting Perdita Ortega!

    The Witcher 3. Played every night this week and only just hit level 10. Love how the combat flows and and allows a full range of movement.

      Your first play through? I envy you! There's lots of great stuff ahead.

    Continue AC Origins. 48hrs, 37%. Side-questing, no story. I've probably done about 2/3, maybe 3/4 of the map.

    Also on the back-burner: Persona 5, Super Mario Bros. 2, Monument Valley 2.

      Origins is just fugging huge.

      SMB 2? Or NSMB 2?

        I spent 50hrs just doing side-quests and forts and chests over probably almost 75% of the map. I only stopped because I maxed out at level 40 and needed to get into the story proper.

        The original SMB2, but playing the emulated All-Stars ed. on the SNES. I have vague memories of seeing this game back when I was probably about 5-6yo, and it hits a massive nostalgia spot for me. Though I didn't recall it being SMB2; it could have been any of the others in the series. In fact before getting to SMB2 now, I first played through SMB3, SMB2, World, and Yoshi's Island. I have memories of those too, but SMB2 is so distinctive like no other Mario game. Of course, it has that notorious history of being another game entirely (Doki Doki Panic) that was given a Mario skin by Nintendo of America when the original SMB2 (The Lost Levels) was seen as another iteration of SMB1 and too much of a difficulty spike, but I recently read that Miyamoto was apparently much more hands on with Doki Doki Panic and much less so than The Lost Levels, which might explain why Doki Doki Panic feels like a Mario game and has his touch of creativity. I think that validates most people's opinion that Doki Doki Panic is actually a really good Mario game and one that deserves it place in the series, and that The Lost Levels is a bit of an outsider.

        Anyway, loving playing through the old Mario now as an adult. If you're much of a gaming fan, it's probably mandatory. I'll probably go on to play The Lost Levels, then the two GB games, Super Mario Land 1 and 2. Then might pay the Galaxies; did most of 1 (needs finishing) and bought but never played 2.

    Octopath Traveller for me as well as knocking over episode three of The Council

    Figured out how to make a dedicated server for ARK so I suspect a lot of that with the miss.

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