Tagged With what are you playing this weekend?


I'm on the verge of finishing another Warhammer 2 playthrough, and Christ it's been a long slog. So while the weekend is definitely for eating and meeting people who like to eat, I'll also be stabbing a lot of Skaven in the back.


Having spent the long weekend spending all of my on Total Warhammer for work, I'm looking forward to a slightly more relaxed couple of days.

Days that will naturally be spent playing video games anyway, obviously.


Hello, it's me again, your former Kotaku Editor Mark Serrels, asking you one simple question: what are you playing this weekend?

Me? I'm still Nintendo Switch crazy. If it's on the Switch, I'm playing it.


Having gotten close so many times - hell, in solo I've got about a 33% ratio on making the top 10 - but never having won, I'll be spending some time this weekend chasing those chicken dinners.


I'm super looking forward to getting some sleep this weekend, first and foremost. But once I'm done with that, and in between games of Battlegrounds, there's another game I've been slowly working my way through.