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Most people this weekend, at least if you have a Switch, might be checking out the global test for ARMS. But I'm quietly rather keen on spending some more time with a tabletop game.


I can't remember the last time I racked up 100 hours on a single player game, but I have hit that milestone with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I'm finding it extremely difficult to stop playing this video game.


Hey it's the weekend. That was quick! A public holiday on Tuesday seemed to help that along.

What are you all playing? I'm still wrapped up in Zelda. For the first time in a maybe a decade I'm finding myself wishing I didn't have to finish a game. I just wish I could play this game forever.


By the time you read this, I'll be enroute to Japan where I'm going to enjoy two lovely weeks of holidaying with my partner. And since we're on a long plane ride and it is going to Japan, the Switch seemed like a perfect companion.


Again, it's the old Sophie's Choice: Horizon or Zelda.

I've been juggling between these two amazing games for the last week or so. I'm equally in love with both for different reasons. But I'm pretty close to finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn, so I think I'll be focusing on that this weekend.


This weekend: the never ending tug-pull of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Can anyone remember a time when two ope world games of this calibre launched in the same week? My poor wife and children. My poor sleep habits. My poor everything that isn't me staring at screen playing video games every waking minute.


This is a picture of a sleeping cat. And having just gotten off a plane and run straight into the office, you'd better bloody believe this is the first "game" I'll be playing this weekend.

But once that's done, I have a couple of things in mind.


I'll actually be having a shorter weekend because I'm Doing A Thing, but I'm not allowed to tell you all about that. And I've been playing A Game recently, but I can't really talk about that either. So let's talk about the one thing I can talk about: Overwatch.


As some of you might know, I'm in the US right now. So the games I would have traditionally given a go over the weekend will go untouched, because you don't bring a massive PC or console with you on international trips.

But one thing I did bring was my partner's 3DS, and a certain present that I got for Christmas.


As is customary, I received some games from my partner over the Christmas holidays. And I've been steadily playing one of them day after day, because it's surprisingly really good.