What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Friends. It is Friday, the good day, the one we wait all week to reach.

And so we must observe our Friday knock-off time tradition, our little version of after work drinks. That little moment before the weekend where we all gather round and ask: What are you playing this weekend?

I have so many games that I need to play this weekend and thanks to various embargoes, I can only talk about three of them. I want to spend a little time on Pokemon this weekend because, as I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s A Bit Wobbly and I need to see it for myself.

I also want to dip a toe into Dune: Spice Wars, which just went up in Game Preview/early access on Game Pass this morning. As a Dune head, I’m very keen to give that one a lash. It could be terrible and I’ll forgive it of almost any crime because it’s Dune.

I will also be FINALLY dipping back into Sea of Thieves with friends, which I am very much looking forward to. It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to get the crew of the HMAS Fangly together and I’m looking forward to being back on the waves.

Finally, I’ll still be road-testing the Ayaneo I mentioned last week. That review is coming soon!

This weekend, Ruby is playing Pokemon Violet. She will not be stopping to eat, sleep, or even breathe. Try and stop her. You can’t.

But that’s just what we’re up to — how about you? Sing out in the comments and let us know! Are you diving into Pokemon as well? Picking up a different new release? Still grinding through God of War looking for that Platinum Trophy? Going outside? Tell us your plans!

As always, a big thank you for hanging out with us again this week, we really do appreciate you being here. No matter what you get up to this weekend, stay safe, be well, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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