Watch GoldenEye 007 Teach Teens The Joys Of Split-Screen Gaming

With the release of Halo 5 leaving at least one of our writers yearning for same screen multiplayer, Fine Bros.’ React channel uses an N64 classic to ensure six photogenic teenagers never forget its fractional majesty.

Over the past decade and change we’ve moved from cramming as many players onto one screen as possible to actively attempting to get gamers to use more than one screen for themselves. GoldenEye 007 is an excellent vehicle for taking youngsters back to the days of dial-up internet and local friends.

Of course we can’t see what sort of television is being used for this video, so for all we know they’re playing on a 60 inch big screen, giving them each of them 30 inches to play with during the three-player grand final. For ultimate nostalgia value they should (in my experience at least) be huddled about a 27 inch tube television with burnt-out reds.


  • Having a bunch of friends around and playing hotseat Goldeneye/Starfox/Perfect Dark/ Some crappy wrestling game is one of my favourite memories of being a teenager.

    I can’t even handle this much nostalgia.

    • I was ten when we got GoldenEye, played the life out of that game. Seeing this now I had to send it to my sister too and we just decided that we’ll have to track down an N64!

    • Crappy?! Those wrestling games have NEVER been topped!! WCW V NWO Revenge is still better than any 2k or Smackdown title made in the last 20 years.

      • I am of the (judging by sales) unpopular opinion that wrestling is bad and more or less everything related to it is bad.
        But those old games were fun-bad instead of mostly-naked-roidfreaks-in-speedoes-sweatily-gyrating-on-each-other-while-thousands-of-people-scream-bad.


  • 4 player multiplayer in the Bunker with Proximity Mines. Ahhhhh.

    You could throw a mine on a gun or ammo crate, pick up the gun and the mine “disappeared” but was still there. Too many fun splosions.

    And Oddjob. He was banned.

    • Oh yeah! Booby-trapped items!

      Everyone fought to be Oddjob until he was banned in my group. After that, I was Helicopter Pilot or die.

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