Seems Fair

Seems Fair

Briefly: Also available in Grand Theft Auto V today, the Executives and Other Criminals update. Hmm. This is American pricing – the bundle is $219.45 in the Australian store.


    • The Megalodon Shark Card is US$100 on its own. That said, there’s no actual discount in buying the bundle, you pay the same if you buy the game and shark card separately. On the Australian store you actually pay $10 more for the bundle because they got their pricing wonky and the shark card on its own is $20 cheaper than it’s meant to be.

  • What’s this article supposed to be about? Is it surprising that the digital copy of GTAV + the ~$110 shark card is expensive?

    And didn’t the update come out on the 15th? Could’ve at least had a few dot points of what’s included.

    These “briefly” articles always leave a sour taste in my mouth.

  • I was going to say how is this possible, but it’s for XBOX… the AU PS store has a $200 transaction limitation, so it wouldn’t be possible.

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