Witcher 3 Mod Replaces All Combat With Gwent Games

Witcher 3 Mod Replaces All Combat With Gwent Games

Hearts of Card is a mod for The Witcher 3. When active, it lets you walk up to an enemy, draw your sword and…the second someone takes damage, physical combat is replaced by an impromptu game of gwent against the opponent.

Here’s a sped-up video showing the mod in action:

While still fairly early in development, the mod already does a few key things, like scale the difficulty of the gwent deck to the level of the enemy you’re facing. Also note that you don’t need to play it over and over again in close quarters; the one victory here wipes out all nearby enemies as well.

And if you lose? You die. So don’t lose.

Stuff coming in the future will be special drops from beating bosses and modifying the game’s coin economy to put more emphasis on cards (so you’d see more cards in shops, etc).


  • I swear I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t enjoy Gwent in Witcher 3. Then again I tend not to like any “pushed” mini-games.

    So I find the idea of this mod to give me shudders. But hey, if people like it, enjoy it.

  • Finally, they removed that action-RPG minigame that kept interrupting my playthrough of Gwent 3: Wild Gwent.

  • So… I really want to finish this bloody game just stuck for time! Can anyone tell me roughly how much time I have left after doing the few story missions over in Skellige?! Feel like there’s still 20-30 hours of main quest yet but have absolutely no idea as ive put it down for a couple of months!!! Want to get this done but ive already started Fallout 4!

      • Uhhhh… Come to think of it no – ive done a couple of the missions as Ciri but

        Holy shit – I think i need to pause Fallout and get this done!!!

        • Starting the mission to get Ciri – once you’ve found where she is – initiates maybe the final third of the game. You’ve got plenty to go 😉

  • Did he just fast forward himself playing Gwent there? or does the game autoplay Gwent for you at high speed? I will assume it was just fast-forwarded to save our sanity

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