Peter Molyneux's Twitter Apparently Hacked, Posts Fake Retirement Message

Peter Molyneux Says He Is Retiring From Video Games

Earlier today, it looked like British game developer Peter Molyneux, famous for his work on games like Fable and Populous, had announced on Twitter his retirement from video games.

Those first two tweets were sad reading. That last one though...looks a little weird. Especially since, as recently as 2014, Molyneux told us “I’m not retiring—I’m just gonna die. I don’t know what life is without making games.”

Turns out it was a hoax. Jack Attridge, Molyneux’s former colleague at 22cans, quickly tweeted:

Colin Gallacher, PR at Molyneux’s 22cans studio, chipped in:

This was quickly followed by confirmation from Molyneux himself:

And so the world, and Peter Molyneux, keep on keeping on!

Note: We originally reported, based on the hacked tweets, that Peter Molyneux was retiring. We apologize for the error.


    Increasingly, Twitter is outright poisonous to a site like this. The 'What's Happening?' stuff makes it impossible to glean news from, because if you tweet as witness/opinion to something ongoing, you're apart of that news. Like a bystander.

    Worse still are the sorts that prey on that sort of behaviour, I mean how many people holding a stupid grudge against Molyneux tweeted at him with abuse? That reflects badly on the gaming community more than it does the man himself.

      Personally Twitter quotes should NEVER be used by any site who wants to be taken seriously, especially 'news' sites

        I think "taken seriously" and "maximum revenue" are two different directions for "news" sites these days sadly.

    I love Molydeux's take on it:

    "Not retiring just yet. I will ONLY retire upon launching the world's first truly perfect game experience, which I'm very close to achieving"

      That just means he'll never retire :_(

      Hopefully though he'll break his promise on this, like he has in the past

      (facepalm), this guy is completely delusional, if he had no money they throw him in a looney bin where he can dream till the rest of his life...

        FYI Molydeux is the parody account :)

    Damnit, of course it was all just another Peter Molyneux lie.

    Dont worry guys, this retirement was shit, but the next one will be good. Right Peter?

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