The Game Boy Macro 


    I think the fact the cartridge sticks out like that ruins the whole thing.

      Isn't that just the GBA cartridge slot?

        "Just"? Even though GBA games are basically the only thing you'd be able to play with the top screen gone?

    I made myself one of these well over a year ago now.

    It doesn't look as fancy as the ones featured in the article.

    The only real advantage to doing this is that battery lasts for ages. I played on and off for about a month and a half without charging it.

    I could snap the top screen off my DS phat! :p

    The lites look great, but they had the worst dpad I can remember Nintendo ever issuing.

    Just awful.


      Sorry to ask, as someone who didn't have a DS but has a WiiU and 3DS: What was different? It looks pretty similar. Was it the feel? Mushy perhaps? Maybe the ends stick up a little uncomfortably? Just curious, thanks.

        The diagonals never worked properly, it's like someone had crammed all of my missing monopoly houses into the casing.

        This made snaking in mkds very patchy, and pretty much screwed you in every fighting game.

        Screen was pretty though.

        Last edited 19/01/16 2:25 pm

      I often wondered if they used old NES dpads that were left lying around, trying to bring back that ole 1980's gaming blisters feeling

    I remember seeing this when he first started and really wanted to do it, but forgot about it.

    Just purchased a broken DS lite of eBay for $20! Hopefully i can get it looking as good as the top picture.

    Oh man I love my game boy micros! That's right, I need 2 :)

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