Can You Spot The Difference In These Japanese Prints?

Can You Spot the Difference in These Japanese Prints?

Briefly: You are looking at two versions of a Hiroshige woodblock print. There are three differences. Try to find them. These images come via Curazy. If you get stuck, visit the site and click on the red box with 答えを見る (Look at the Answer).


    Found 'em.

    Guy in the orange shirt has a belt on the right.
    Sign on the far right has writing on the right.
    Ladder on the far left on the roof is missing on the left.


    Spent the 2 minutes to find the differences expecting there to be some gaming easter egg. Y'now 'cause this is a gaming news website?


    I'm fairly certain this isn't gaming news (took about a min to find all 3). The fact its woodblock is neat though.

    There is a real easy way (cheat) to find them all in about 3 seconds... Cross your eyes like you are doing a "Magic Eye" 3D image deal, refocus so the image becomes clear. What happens is the differences will flash (because it appears on one image and not the other).
    If they aren't that easy to spot, just wave a finger in front of one side slowly - they will all become apparent almost immediately.

    You're welcome... and now I've ruined all of these for the rest of your lives.

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