Marvel's Vote Loki Sounds Almost As Bonkers As The Actual US Presidential Election

Marvel's Vote Loki Sounds Almost as Bonkers as the Actual Presidential Election

At the beginning of the month, Marvel revealed Vote Loki, a wonderfully timed answer to the ongoing hot mess that is the US Presidential Election. Then we heard nothing... until now. Here are the first details on the comic, which sounds positively delightful. We now know that Chris Hastings and Langdon Foss are the creative team behind the comic, thanks to a new interview from C2E2 conducted by Comic Book Resources. Hastings even mentioned that Tom King — writer of two of the best comics coming out from DC and Marvel at the moment, The Omega Men and The Vision — originally had the idea for the series before signing on to exclusively write for DC Comics (which makes me monstrously sad that the man behind one of Marvel's most subversive comics is not writing political satire, Loki-style).

The comic does indeed see the trickster god run in the US Presidential Election, although not against real-life potential nominees in the current race. Written through the framing device of a political journalist covering his campaign, Loki and a bizarre cult of followers will be joined by Angela as his head of security, and Sam Wilson will play a major role as Loki's shenanigans force him to "to take a sudden interest in politics", according to Hastings.

As for how Loki will embrace the campaign trail, Hastings says he'll be using all of abilities to manipulate the debates:

So much of a presidential campaign is about perception and narrative. Truth can get muddy depending on context or lost details, and sometimes the truth even gets flat out ignored by the media and the people because there's an easier narrative that's slightly less true but easier or more attractive to follow. Loki isn't just the god of lies, he's the god of stories. Manipulating narrative will be what this is all about.

Sounds perfect for someone like Loki Laufeyson... although it is a little sad that a Loki vs Trump confrontation isn't on the cards.

Vote Loki arrives in June, just in time for the US Republican and Democratic national conventions.

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Vote Loki#1 cover art by Tradd Moore.


    You could swap the name Loki out for Trump and I swear it wouldn't make much difference there...

      I feel like being a trickster god implies some manner of subtlety though.

        lol too true, but then, sometimes making people feel like they're smarter than they really are, is a great trick unto itself...

    Sounds like an interesting story. I'd not want someone like Loki running for ruler of any country IRL but I'd be interested in seeing it in a fictional story. Fortunately it is.

    A loki vs Trump match would be fun to watch but I can't imagine Loki loosing.

      I'd vote Loki before I voted Trump.

      Just saying.

      That said it really does show the issues with a two party system :-P

        I'm curious, what would make Loki preferable? I can't think of a reason to value either of them to any degree :P

        Loki's more skilled but I think that just makes him more dangerous to everyone

          Honestly I'd pick Loki because he's intelligent, thoughtful and well known for planning.

          Also I'd expect him to be much less of a racist.

    Glad they are following his "evolution" from god of lies/trickster god into the god of stories after Secret War.

    Should be very fun.


      Well his most recent rencarnation has born in the USA he legally can be the president

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