Dragon Ball Creator Praises Sand Land Game From Beyond The Grave

Dragon Ball Creator Praises Sand Land Game From Beyond The Grave

Legendary mangaka Akira Toriyama, character designer for Chrono Trigger and creator of the Dragon Ball series, passed away in March 2024. He was just 68 years old. Though he’s gone now, publisher Bandai Namco has shared a note Toriyama wrote in January 2024 about developer ILCA’s Sand Land, an action RPG based on the artist’s manga of the same name, and he “seriously recommends” you check the game out.

The game’s official X/Twitter account posted the letter on April 24. In it, Toriyama said that, while he hadn’t had the chance to see all the gameplay, he could tell it was a “highly satisfying action-RPG.”

Toriyama praised the game for expanding on the world he created in 2000, pointing out Forest Land, the new location that, alongside some newly introduced characters, was “not in the manga.”

Kotaku staff writer Claire Jackson agrees that Sand Land is worthy of praise. In her impressions, she said the game is “lovely,” particularly because of the dynamic between its main characters, and concludes that it’s a great starting point for new Sand Land—and Toriyama—fans.

You can read the full note below:

I haven’t watched through all of the gameplay yet. However, it greatly expands the worldview of the original manga with many new exciting elements. It is high-quality as a stand alone game and I can tell it is a highly satisfying action-RPG game!

First of all, the graphics have an excellent balance of the atmosphere of the manga and its drawing style. The representation looks great. The game will surely provide you an exciting experience with a genuine sense of design and attention to detail, from the many new vehicle designs, various customizations, as well as the background design!

In the game, there is not only the world of Sand Land, but also a new world called Forest Land with new characters, which were not in the manga. You can enjoy a more substantial story, and a vast map to adventure while playing as the Fiend Prince.

I myself can only play casual games, but I do check out the trending games my family plays, and I think I know a little something about them even for an old man. I seriously recommend the game Sand Land! — Akira Toriyama

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