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Aethera is a new sci-fi campaign setting for the tabletop role-playing game Pathfinder that lets you dungeon-crawl on asteroids. It was released last week and looks amazing. Its 500-page book spreads "cult mysticism, space opera and diesel punk" across six worlds.


Getting into Dungeons & Dragons can be intimidating. You need maybe three or four other nerds to play with, some pricey tomes full of numbers and tables, ample free time, and several dice with as many as 20 sides. It's a lot to fathom, and even more to set up. How will you find D&D-curious friends? How will you decipher the ruleset? What are the best D&D snacks?


Mass Effect: Andromeda sprawls and sprawls, eagerly offering you so much to see and do, that it nearly loses itself in the process. In this massive and uncertain voyage into an alien galaxy, the best way to center yourself is to hold on to other people, and trust that the mission will accomplish at least some of its ambitious goals.


Bandai Namco's Tales action role-playing series is normally pretty formulaic — a plucky group of colourful heroes joins together to save the world from some dire threat. Tales of Berseria's protagonist just really wants to murder a guy, and her companions are happy to help.


To truly and properly enjoy a role-playing game, you need a group to play with. Finding a group — especially the right group — can be a major hurdle to participating in this really excellent hobby. This guide will help you find fellow gamers no matter your location or age.